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topic icon Author Topic: RG 2008 Impressions  (Read 29878 times)

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URL icon « Reply #30 on: July 29, 2008, 09:58:49 AM »

>>> Maple the Dog upstaging Sam Bush - Priceless!

Yes, Hooch!! Loved how Sam petted Maple in response too!

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doobie doobie doo!

URL icon « Reply #31 on: July 29, 2008, 10:11:09 AM »

Great Great time at RockyGrass.    This venue is simply the best there is.   I know it's all been said already, but the vibe here is just awesome.  The festivarian "bill of rights" is great - free water, tarp sharing, kids in for free etc.  Seems to me all this goodness just trickles down and sets the tone for everyone.  No one gouges on ticket resale, and man above all everyone is just Coooooooool!   I was there most of the three days and never saw a single bad attitude display.   

To me the highlight of these festivals is finding great new (new to me that is) music in the Wildflower Pavilion.   

For the main stage, my highlights were:

Carolina Choc Drops - like everyone else, we were blown away.  I second the call to add them to future festivals.

The Stairwell Sisters - Rock!

Dan Tyminski - Great entertaining set.

Spring Creek - got it all started right!

Thanks for putting on such a great event.   I'm still hearing bluegrass in my head two days later...

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Kinda digging this festival thing...

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URL icon « Reply #32 on: July 29, 2008, 11:12:08 AM »

Wow! Crazy lazy year! It's crossed my mind that this could be my favorite Rockygrass. However, that "crosses my mind" pretty much every year I suppose.

I have to say there have been times I looked at the lineup for this year and had some mixed feelings. Natalie MacMasterand the Chocolate Drops were 2 that I had some concerns with. "Is Rockygrass going to become more of an Americana fest, falling somewhere between Hardly Strickly, Telluride, and Merlefest?" Don't get me wrong, most of my/our favorite music can be heard at those fests, but I think many of us agrre- keep Rockygrass, well, Rockygrass. Otherwise festivals lose their identity. Any, enough of that. This was my worry, but....... I'm not worried anymore (just don't go any further, ha ha). The lineup crushed it!! A handful of favorite moments:

Steeldrivers: A lot of people still at work during this set? Guessing so by the lack of overwhelming praise. These guys are in one of the very top slots for me in 8 years of the festival. The playing was stunning and perfect, but rarely does "the song" take such center stage and everything else works with the song so perfectly! Flat out some of the best songs I've heard. An absolute MUST see and hear to believe. I'll stop there.

Sam, Jerry, and Edgar: What the hell??!! Obviously we all knew this set would be a good one, but utterly transcendental is what it was to us!! I'm sure there has been some rather profoundly eloquent babble about the sheer amazement of this experience over the last few days, so I'll not try to find the words at this time. Another set I can't wait to hear again when the discs come around. Masterclass!!

Bela and Friends: This just has to make my list. I did miss some of it and I've never seen so many people talking and not paying attention. This made the set harder to truly appreciate to the level I feel it warranted. When Bela "holds court", I'm surprised more people don't pay attention. It's tough when you have the "dinner hour set", like he did I suppose, so there's a factor to consider. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to tell you how to live your life. He is a KING though.

Chatham County Line/Bearfoot/Infamous Stringdusters: This was a power trio for me! So anxious to see all of these this year and they all nailed it. I'd been a little mixed on Chatham's new album, but seeing it live made me a believer of the album and just them in general.
Bearfoot? Maybe my favorite set of theirs. It helped to have so many people there to hear Chatham and therefore the crowd was warmed up and gave Bearfoot more attention than I've seen in prior years.
Stringdusters. Phew. They absolutely crush it! We all know it. Super nice and approachable guys too. I talked their ears off a little on Thursday at Osckars and the had lots of interesting conversation during the signing. Can't wait to see them in the future and hear the disc.

JD Crowe: Tuff as nails! Great tunes. Unbelievable band. This is what I come for. Period.

Peter Rowan: I thought last year's solo set was possibly my favorite set of his. It's got another right next to it. Killer band, and once again, set list of classic proportions. Sometimes, I think "ok, we've seen some of these tunes lots and lots..." Then he plays a Land of the Navojo and just takes it to new places!! We're lucky to see this guy.

Chocolate Drops: Not an original call hear, huh! Future performers, take notes. A jug , fiddle , and banjo getting the ENTIRE crowd on it's feet?!! Ovation after ovation of shattering intensity. The set was another that made me happy just to be alive.

Sam: Crushed it..again. True he can do a good show sleep walking, but he was there in every way on Sunday. Some great song choices and lots of fancy playin'! It was also cool that I was dancing my butt off behind the soundboard and a guy came by and said "courtesy of Sam Bush" and gave me a copy of Glamour and Grits. Heard another girl got a DVD. Thanks Sammy!!

Donnell Leahy is one of the most impressive players I've ever seen. Abigail's set was really inventive and sweet-a-hell. Love to see it in a theater. GarreetGrass was certainly more masterclass as well.

Thanks to the Planet for delivering one of life's greatest moments! The whole damn weekend comes through like very little in life really does. It always delivers!
Met some great people this year again and look forward to seeing you all again next year. Why not, we'll do it again!!!

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URL icon « Reply #33 on: August 01, 2008, 12:25:01 AM »

SPRING CREEK opened the Festival on Friday with some GREAT BlueGrass, this group was one of just a few that had REAL BlueGrass music going on, it's good to have a mix of music but it would be nice to have more BlueGrass type groups like Spring Creek, Dan Tyminski Band, StringDusters, Del, Doyle Lawson, Skaggs, Alison Krauss etc.

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Kinda digging this festival thing...

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URL icon « Reply #34 on: August 01, 2008, 10:11:29 AM »

I second that opinion!!  I thought the Chocolate Drops were THE best act of the festival!  With the next best being the Bearfoot Sisters!  Punch Bros were so so, however I thought the Stairwell sisters were awful.  I'm already counting down the days until next year!  I do have a bit of the banjo blues, so it's off to Keystone for some bluegrass and brews! Cheers

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URL icon « Reply #35 on: August 01, 2008, 10:44:47 AM »

In no particular order:

The Stringdusters
Chocolate Drops
JD Crowe
Dan Tyminsky
Blue Canyon Boys in the Pavillion (should have won)
Stairwell Sisters

Rockygrass is the best show in Coloraddy.

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"Let'er Go Boys!", my sentiments exactly!
Eric St Vrain
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Meadow Park Rulez!

URL icon « Reply #36 on: August 06, 2008, 01:25:26 PM »

Some kudos need to go out to Planet Bluegrass right here.
And let's hear for the stage crew as well. Great sound, great ability to turn acts over, I didn't see one goof up the entire weekend. It's not easy to make it look it so effortless.  Medal
I thought it was funny when they introduced the monitor mixer and said he refers to the FOH engineer as "the right-left guy". Mixing monitors for large bluegrass bands must be an extremely difficult and nervewracking job- they have multiple mixes and have to chase down feedback in each one. Kudos to the Right Left Guys as well Wink
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